Bath Duck - ModernMinor
Bath Duck - ModernMinor
Bath Duck - ModernMinor
Ambi Toys

Bath Duck

Forget the despair of bath side toy clutter, the Ambi Toys Bath Duck is a bath time essential you’ll be happy to display. Designed by hero of toy design, Patrick Rylands, it was created for the historic Dutch toy brand Ambi Toys – a company with over 30 years in creating timeless play products.

Deceptively simple at first glance, the duck has a unique hinged beak – set in motion by the slightest movement of the water. Rylands design has meticulous detail; from the elegant curves to the unsinkable body. Pull him under the water, and he’ll pop right back up!

  • Ambi Toys Bath Duck
  • Hard-wearing plastic
  • Designed by Patrick Rylands
  • Floats in water
  • 6 months +