Our Story



For kids, big and small

Becoming a parent not only brings a fresh perspective to the world around us, it reignites parts of us we'd long forgotten. ModernMinor was born out of a rediscovery of our playful sides and a renewed passion for family products which don't compromise on design.

We wanted to create a space which would showcase exceptional quality, independently produced items for parent and child; a space to rekindle the thrill of childhood exploration and play for adults – while forming new, cherished memories for the young.

Our products have been picked with an emphasis on long-lasting, timeless design. We’re advocates for less ‘stuff’, but better stuff. Products which will be handed down from generation to generation.

Forget the gender-biased. The garish. The flimsy. The chuck-it-in-a-box-and-hide-it-out-of-sight. Our products have been picked to become a timeless highlight in your home.

We hope with us, you too, will feel your teeth unclench, your shoulders drop, and your playful spirit reignite.

Here’s to raising modern minors.

Sam & Hannah x


Who are ModernMinor?

Born in Australia, Sam is a graphic designer with a penchant for Modernist design and love of classic toys from the '60s and '70s. Hannah is passionate about supporting small businesses and all things eco-friendly and locally sourced.

The couple live in East London with their daughter Indigo.